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Homecare Software Platform

Document Management System

With a document management system in place, services are noticing relief from managing additional paperwork and storage rooms. 

Document management system automates documents, eliminates the labor and frustration required to store the hard documents by managing the soft copies in the dedicated servers.

It’s more than a digital representation of the record room, where a click is enough to find records and documents that would have taken a day to dig out the patient’s records. 

Customized IVR solutions

IVR is a gateway to the company representing the business and company model. As the businesses are customized and unique, so is your IVR. IVR instantly resolves the caller’s issue, boosts your business by engaging and interacting with prospects or customers.

Homecare Software Solutions
Homecare agency management software

Increase workflow efficiency through Fax Automation

Fax automation is a centralized faxing system with a network-connected node. Organizations switching to fax automation manage fax communication and business process better.

Fax automation solutions are flexible in sending and receiving fax on desktop, can integrate with business applications, and automate on production scale by managing fax traffic and admin control.

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Homecare Software Solutions

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