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Senior Assisted Living is about sharing, caring, and comforting with managing their duties.

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Today, the US has 46 million adults above 65, and it is estimated to be 90 million by 2050. Senior living facilities are growing as an industry, but it’s no less than a home for seniors who are there to enjoy their golden period of life. The elder people entering the new premises are shifting from their dream home, with elders of their age. They expect a more caring and friendly environment to live in without dealing with paperwork and daily chores of activities.

Senior living facilities require staff with compassion and passion who work 24/7 caring and serving elders but lack the modern facilities for staff. Though the facilities may be up to the mark for seniors, the administrative tasks are paper-based, major hindrances while caring for their clients.


Why do you Require a Senior Living Solution?

Depending upon their capacity, the senior living facilities may care for at least 20-300 seniors. The staff activities related to seniors are essential to understand. It’s about sharing, caring, and comforting with managing their duties. We discuss some of the challenges faced by the staff as they work on a paper-based process.


Challenge in tracking activities

Hiring a compassionate staff to care for adults is not easy. Some departments may consist of 3-4 individuals working in shifts. So it’s necessary to know the latest updates of the department and also with their senior customers. In a paper-based process, a staff carries a notebook to note all the information and activities related to the elders. Handling a notebook is a challenge by itself. Communicating the small and minute details with their family members gets hard as searching in a paper-based process is exhausting.


Logging information

Writing on paper is time-consuming plus identifying the handwritten adds to the complexity. The unidentifiable written letters can create confusion while they care for seniors. Hours of logging information, reading, and collecting the same also added to the administrative time. 


Less accessible

The logged information is less accessible than its based papers. The staff needs to carry these where ever required. It’s not easy to search or create multiple copies of the same to share with family members or doctors for emergency cases.


Difficult in sharing information

Quickly sharing the latest information with relevant departments is tough. Sometimes events may not be noted down by the staff to track the performed activities by adults.


Lack compliance

Healthcare sectors follow regulations, and compliance with paper-based processes is difficult to follow the same. Moreover, securing the senior’s details from breaching is impossible with this system.



A paper-based system requires more coordination and communication between staff members. This could divert their attention from providing service if they involve with administrative issues.


Above all, the data and information cant be obtained in one click, anywhere and anytime. As the administration of Assisted Living releases the drawbacks of paper-based processes, many have shifted their admin process to EHR-based senior living solutions. 

Advantages of Senior Living Solution


Advantages of Having EHR-Compliant Senior Living Solution

As the process shifts from paperwork to senior living software solutions, your service gets to a whole new level of digital transformation. As the care provider has a solid base to build his business, the staff can care efficiently.

EHR solutions bridge the communication gap between the staff, family members, and seniors, enhancing their experiences with your organization. 


EHR ensures quality and compliance

The well-trained staff projects the quality of your service. EHR solutions ensure quality as your workforce complies with your regulations and policy as they serve the adult.


Improving financial health

As the needs for seniors change regularly, medical billing becomes an essential part of serving. Many times staff bills the statements on the fly. Having the solutions in hand makes it easy to bill as required. This also eliminates the monitoring expected on the clinical side. Moreover, the doctors get immediate access to the medical history of patients, during emergencies. It maintains the year’s data and records for the occupants in sequential order and is always available during audits or easily sharable with family members.


Increases occupancy

Scaling up requires additional staff plus additional administrative work. But with senior living solutions, the administrative work is minimal or divided between the departments. The scaleup becomes easy due to operational and quality deliverables. It attracts the new residences while attending to existing residents’ safe.


Retaining best staff

As staffing is challenging in senior living, the designed EHR solution makes the staff’s job easy. The caring staff is hardly part of the decision-making process. As all the activities are recorded automatically in EHR solutions, the workforce gets the power for on-the-spot decisions. Solutions are flexible in creating workflows. For example, approval workflows help the junior staff to get on-fly approvals during critical situations.


Standing out from competitors

As the family members can also access the solution, staff can quickly share the needed information. The solutions hold all critical documents of clients, hence making them secure and safe. It makes you follow the security policies, gaining trust and aiding your organization to stand out amongst your competitors.


Improves process

The workflows, policy, and process are followed strictly under EHR-compliant solutions. It streamlines your process, reduces the burden from the staff by assisting them to serve better. It maintains, tracks, and follows the workflows ensuring all the staff members are up-to-date with current situations.


The solutions are accessible to authorized persons from authenticated devices. The EHR solutions take care of safety, security, and ensure the staff is informed and aware of every move of your clients.


Care better with AspectN

In this digitalized space where the healthcare sector is changing caring for adults is unsophisticated in terms of process.

AspectN offers a one-stop tailored senior housing solution that connects seniors, families, and staff with healthcare facilities provided by your organization. From streamlining care facilities to managing documents, managing relationships, and eliminating the manual work of invoicing and billing, it improves your service provided during the golden days of your clients.


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